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A Declaration of Love is a series that celebrates flowers - capturing their different phases and the variety of shapes and colours - each telling their own story. In beautiful detail you will see how the light emphasises the elegance of the stem, or how it catches the leaf, or how it allows us to catch a glimpse of the brittle petals and the burst of colours when in full bloom. I invite you to look closer and sometimes even take a step back, because in that instant – hidden aspects emerge - like a choreography, a fabulous dance.

‘A Declaration of Love, flowers in Dutch light’ is a series that symbolises life.

Flowers naturally bloom in all their strength, vulnerability and beauty - with elegance and grace - poetically captured in that single moment in time, never to be repeated again.

It is a serenade to life and love!

This series is represented by ElliottGallery, for more information about the prints please contact Addie Elliott Vassie

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