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info@stellagommans.com /  Tel. + 31 6 5119 7119

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Getting your pictures taken is not the most favourite thing to do for a lot of people. Maybe because you don't feel secure, safe or sexy & vibrant enough to shine. I hear you! When I stand in front of a camera I need to have a kind of non-verbal communication with the one who's taking the pictures.  So yes, of course it's important to have this 'click' with the one who holds the camera. That's why for me it is so super important to get to know you.

I would love to catch your own beautiful you but then you need to tell me who you are, what gives you goose bombs, what makes you insecure and show me your uniqueness. 

So if you want strong, sparkling & professional pictures of yourself, your own authentic brand.​ And if you want to get rid of those doubts when it comes to posing in front of a camera.​ And last but not least if you want to feel safe, sexy & vibrant during your shoot which gives you the pictures you want.​ Then drop me a line, let's get a coffee or tea with me and figure out if we have that 'click'.


If it's your own interior-design project, a lifestyle what you'd love to capture or an interior that needs to be shown, give me a call.

I would love to catch your beautiful interior or lifestyle no matter if it's your own home, a showroom, you B&B or another project you've worked so hard for. 

Let me capture your dreamproject so that people can see and understand the importance of the details.

Just send me an e-mailand I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Maybe you sell products that needs to be shown differently, with a touch of elegance, bright and on point. 

Maybe you handcraft your own products and you want people to see, 'feel' and understand the product you've made.​ Or you just want your products to stand out in the crowd, fill your own website and social media with your own products and content.

Then it is probably a good idea to meet up. Nothing wrong with drinking a cup of coffee right? 

Just drop me a line, I'd love to hear your story. 


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For the crazy ones among us who loves to read & know the funny facts:

Things I like & love :

  • coffee! Good coffee!

  • evenings filled with dinner, friends and wine

  • almost every movie of Mister Quentin Tarantino

  • Italia

  • Amsterdam

  • flowers

On my wishlist:

  • see, smell and capture the lavender fields in the Provence

  • paragliding

  • eating sushi in Japan

  • Leica

  • enjoying my heart out in New Zealand